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Petrophysical Analysis For Non-Petrophysists

Petrophysical  Analysis For Non-Petrophysists

Code: P1231

Course Overview

Petrophysics remains a vital component to many facets of the petroleum industry, from quantification of hydrocarbon reserves, developmental strategies to real-time decision making for reservoir navigation. This course addresses the fundamental tenets of petrophysics and formation evaluation, using integrative perspective of multiple datasets, including geological, geophysical, logging and core data. You will learn the latest geological, geophysical and logging/core technologies to understand better their role in petrophysical analysis, formation evaluation, and reservoir characterization. Pros & cons of key datasets will be addressed, with emphasis on need for integrative studies and selection of tool combinations to resolve key issues. You will learn quick-look qualitative techniques as well as quantitative aspects such as volume of shale/clay, porosity, permeability, and water saturation determinations.

Course Content

  • Rock and Fluid Properties.
  • Classification and identification of clastic and chemical sedimentary rocks.
  • Aspects of Drilling and Logging.
  • Core acquisition and interpretation.
  •  Wireline and LWD logging and imaging.
  • Core and Log Analysis.
  • Core and Log Analysis.
  • Seismic Petrophysics.
  • Seismic versus log comparison and data integration.
  •  Seismic attribute analysis.

Course Objective

Understand better the latest geological, geophysical, and logging/core technologies and their role in petrophysical analysis, formation evaluation, and reservoir characterization, Address the pros and cons of key datasets, with emphasis on need for integrative studies and calibration of datasets, Apply quick-look qualitative techniques as well as quantitative aspects to understand vital aspects such as volume of shale/clay, porosity, permeability, and water saturation determinations, Select tool combinations to resolve key issues and for specific applications, Assess uncertainty in petrophysical measurements and techniques and its influence on reserve estimation.

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